problem of load file in proxygon

Ding ying dingy09 at
Sat Jan 26 14:13:33 CET 2008

          These days I struggle with starting two l4linux on L4/Fiasco.And I
have started a l4linux on hard disk and a proxygon window,then I want to
load the other l4linux26.cfg  file in proxygon to start the other
l4linux,but it always indicated following error in proxygon
<cmd>: l
     Load application:(nd) /tftpboot/ding/linux26-2nd
run: command not found:(nd) /tftpboot/linux26-2nd
 I have configured the tftpserver on my system as the wiki guiding and
through the testing it works well.
What problem causing my error?
Dose I need to configure the grub netwrok?I have tried,but in my grub there
is not command like ifconfig.
Any advice would give me much help.Thanks a lot!

Best Regards!
Ying Ding
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