porting L4linux on minix3.

Pravin shindepravin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 10 15:22:53 CET 2008

I wanted to ask a question regarding the procedure followed in porting
linux on L4 (L4Linux).
I am exploring the possibility of porting Linux on Minix3 on similar lines.

L4 and Minix3 are having similarities.
So, in theory, with few modifications, L4Linux should be able to run
on Minix also.

I wanted some information regarding the approach taken in porting Linux on L4.
If there are any documentation/links available about
 *. how to go in case of these kind of porting of linux on another kernel?
 *. and how L4linux works internally?
 *. which architecture dependent code of Linux has been modified and why?
then they will be quite helpful to me.

Thanks and Regards,
Pravin Shinde

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