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Currently im studying on how to build an application using fiasco/L4. Im
very new to this subject and it requires me lots of fundemental issues
concerning this topic. I need to go deep in the code ie:-the
roottask/sigma0/kernel implementation. So far i had try some steps to aquire
answers. One of them is by printing out a thread which is initialize as
l4_threadid_t. I didnt call any sys calls (l4_myself() to that particular
thread. So, what i had done is :-

l4_threadid_t thread;
l4_threadid_t pager;


when i print this out, the thread will print out its id as 34 in hex.
Meanwhile the pager will identify as 0 for its lthread id. The question is
why is this happening? If i turn back around the code, it will still print
out the thread as 34 for its id and pager is 0. Is it reading some garbage
value from the memory or the roottask/sigma0/kernel will identify it as 34
only if we didnt initialize any system calls. I need to study this in depth
due to my yearly project which highly involves fiasco/L4 as its platform. If
it is applicable, can anyone show me which file(header/*.c etc..) that
locates the number of 34 happens. Thanks. 

p/s: Im also thinking that this is a silly question as well. :-P
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