run-l4 - to start another task

ahmad kamal amadkamal at
Wed Mar 12 04:55:51 CET 2008

hi all,

i've been trying to load another l4 task using run-l4 in l4linux, but i've got error

the error is -8(cannot a find module)

here is my conf file


verbose 0
modpath "(hd0,2)/boot/l4app"

task "hello"

and here is the cmd i run:

run-l4 --fprov "BMODFS" "(hd0,2)/boot/l4app/launch.conf"

here are few question:

do i need to load run-l4 during boot time, in other words do i need to define it in menu.lst?

do i need to load the task i would like to call using run-l4 during boot time?

Ahmad Kamal

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