the binary file come from l4 on amd64

fangzhengshu fangzhsh07 at
Mon May 26 05:42:54 CEST 2008

hi all,
	my system is AMD64,and by help of mailing list I have compiled l4
successfully.I have also see that the latest svn of l4 have check the
pkg/bootstrap/server/src/Makefile and add -m32 after CC32.But when I do
ls in /home/l4/tudos/build/bin/amd64_k8 and l4v2:
        l4 at fwnc:~/tudos/build/bin/amd64_k8$ ls
        bootstrap32  l4v2
        l4 at fwnc:~/tudos/build/bin/amd64_k8$ ls l4v2/
        atomictest    dopecmd    l4io        
        many_mappings     nitdope   simple_ts     yuvtest
        bmodfs        fprov_cat  l4io_dummy_cpp  many_tasks        omega0    term_con
        con           fstab      l4util_test  many_threads      pingpong  textedit
        copyfs        hello      ldso_dlopen_example   loader
        minitop           roottask  ulockflex_v2
        dmon          inputtst   ldso_simple_example   log
        names             rtc       vc_server
        dm_phys       ipcmon     ldso_virtual_example  logcon
        name_server       run       vscrtest
        dm_phys_test  l4dope            logex_ud
        name_server_test  sigma0    vtexttest
        l4 at fwnc:~/tudos/build/bin/amd64_k8$ 
lock of so many files,could you please tell me why ? Is that all that
AMD64 can make ?


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