Fiasco on Intel Macbooks?

Steffen Schulz pepe_ml at
Sun Aug 10 04:11:50 CEST 2008

Hi all,

Did anyone manage to start the Fiasco kernel on the Intel MacBooks?

I have a MacBook Pro and get an error about the memory region beeing
used by a BIOS.

The reason is probably the BIOS emulation:

For booting legacy BIOS-based operating systems, Apple takes a
completely non-standard approach. The CSM (compatibility support
module) is not loaded at all by default. When the decision is made to
boot a BIOS-based operating system, a special EFI application is loaded
from the firmware ROM to kick off the BIOS boot process. When the user
chooses Windows as the default operating system in the “Startup Disk”
pane, the NVRAM variables are actually set to point at this special
loader, plus a parameter that tells it which device to boot from. 

If that is an unknown problem, maybe there's some memory offset
somewhere that I can try to adjust?


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