Boot Fiasco at ARM on QEMU

Tsai, Tung-Chieh tsaitungchieh at
Sat Sep 20 11:01:04 CEST 2008

Dear All,

  I'm try to boot fiasco kernel which is compiled to integrator(arm926)
on QMEU. I see this thread :

So I guess it should be worked. But I got some problem, when I use the
following command :

  qemu-system-arm -kernel fiasco.image -serial stdio -d in_asm

there is no output on QEMU. I watch the log of QEMU, find that it fails
to go to '_start_kernel' in 0xf0003000 from 'bootstrap_main' because
there is nothing in 0xf0003000.

As I know, there is no physical memory in QEMU's integratorcp emulation.
It only put memory on 0x0 and 0x80000000. So I guess the way I try is
wrong, there must be something I lost. Do I have to use some kind of
bootloader like grub in ia32 or putting some file by initrd, mtdblock,
etc... And couold anyone give some advice about how to run it on QEMU.

Best Regards,
Tsai, Tung-chieh

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