Problem with Building L4Linux-2.6

Adam Chang windbread at
Thu Dec 4 07:34:57 CET 2008

Dear all:

   I'm trying to build L4Linux ,so I followed the tutorial on this
   but I have encountered some difficulties.

   First I got Fiasco, L4Env, L4Linux from SVN, and the following is
the steps that I tried to build L4Linux:
   1. make -C l4 O=/my-user-build-dir oldconfig
   2. make -C l4 O=/my-user-build-dir config
       unset Compilers and Tools  ---> Build doc directories
   3. cd l4
       make O=/my-user-build-dir
   4. Compile Fiasco
   5. Go to the l4linux-2.6 directory
       make menuconfig
       set L4 tree build directory
       unset some features like SMP, HPET, highmem, MTRR, MCE,
   6. make
       Then the following is a error message

       ERROR: CONFIG_VM86 must not be enabled.

     But I check the file in l4linux-2.6 directory ./arch/l4/Kconfig,
CONFIG_VM86 must be enabled, but the error message said that must be
enabled, so I was confused.

     Then ,I got Fiasco, L4Env, L4Linux from snapshot ,
     then I followed same steps to build, when I did "make
O=/my-user-build-dir", there is a error message:

error: declaration of 'typedef class
std::_associative_citer<ValueType, Compare, Allocator>
std::_associative_iter<ValueType, Compare,
error: changes meaning of '_associative_citer' from 'class
std::_associative_citer<ValueType, Compare, Allocator>'

    I comment typedef _associative_citer<ValueType, Compare,
Allocator> _associative_citer; at associative_base:321, and replace
_associative_citer by _associative_citer<ValueType, Compare,
   I continued building, and there is some message:

  Package dependencies missing: l4con, skipping.
  Package dependencies missing: dope, skippingg.

  Compiling L4Linux , unset SMP, HPET, highmem, MTRR, MCE, PARAVIRT,
KEXEC, APM, HUGETLBFS , L4_FBDRIVER, but there is still a error

  make[1]: *** No rule to make target
`arch/l4/power/arch-i386/../../../i386/power/suspend.o', needed by
`arch/l4/power/arch-i386/suspend.o'.  Stop.
  make: *** [arch/l4/power/arch-i386] Error

   I don't know how to solve these problem, can someone give me some
advice about building L4Linux.

Best Regards.
Adam Chang

Adam Hung-Hsiang Chang
windbread at
Wireless Networking and Embedded Systems Lab
Graduate Institute of Networking and Multimedia
National Taiwan University

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