building a toolchian with hard float support

Gabi Voiculescu boy3dfx2 at
Wed Dec 10 13:54:25 CET 2008


I have to create a toolchain with hard fpu support for arm1176's VFPv2. 

That's because, by looking at the ARM documentation I don't see how I can perform
mathematic operations on the FPU (like FABSx, FADDx without using these mnemonics), (as it is the case for fpu load/store operations), so as far as see, I have to build a toolchain that recognized these mnemonics.

I dont' know where to start. 

Has anybody used a script like crosstools for this? I hope by creating a new dat file with proper GCC and GLIBC argumets I could do the job myself, but I have no idea what would those arguments be or where to find them:
GCC += ?? --with-float=hard --fpu=vfpv2  --cpu=arm1176jzf ??
GLIBC += ??

Where can I find what gcc version might include support for my hard fpu? I tried the man pages in gcc-4.1.2 and gcc-3.4.4 without success and I can't figure out where to look for this on

Can you point me in the right direction to use.

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