Problems creating IDL

Lucyantie Mazalan lucyantie.mazalan at
Wed Jan 16 03:24:54 CET 2008

Hi Bjoern, thanks for the quick reply. I actually following the BID
tutorial in a way to omit the L4 IPC syscall bindings and all :) looks
like I don't have any choice here, do I? I'll appreciate it. Thanks
though ;)


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> I have been creating a package which implements a server invoked by a 
> client. I understand from the tutorial that I have to create an IDL
> listing all my public function there. Problem here is that, I would
> to know whether I really need to do the IDL file or can there be other

> way that I can actually skip the IDL and how do I do that, since my 
> intention here is just to create a simple communication with purpose 
> between my server and client using 1 same language, C. Please advice
> in this.

Of course you can skip the IDL part completely. Have a look at the 
documentation of the L4 IPC syscall bindings 
( and 
or at the L4v2 reference manual 
( to learn

about how to implement a server without IDL.


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