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| | 1st - why do you build as root?
| Owh, I didn't realize it could affect me more of this privilege.

There is no need to build as root and it's usually security risk.

| | Ok. So aes_aes256_init is a function defined by your wrapper library? In
| this case you should also link your wrapper lib to your application.
| This can be done by adding
| | LIBS += -laesclient
| | to the example client's Makefile.
| I did this, but still no clue :(
| I attach the archive, thank you.

Ok, builds for me after some fixes:

* your package dir is called aes, so all include files need to be
included through something like <l4/aes/...>
* the IDL file somehow needs to know about your aes_context type, so
either include it from a header or define it inside the IDL file - I did
so by uncommenting your stuff.

And this was probably your problem:
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* The aes-client.h file should be included using
~      #include "aes-client.h"
~  without any directory prefixes. It is a generated header file which
~  does not end up in the L4 include dir, but resides inside the
~  package's IDL build dir. This is path is different from the usual
~  include paths and is added to your compile run automatically by BID.


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