No netwrking

cheng.guanghui cheng.guanghui at
Thu Jan 24 14:18:14 CET 2008

On Thursday 24 January 2008 02:04:25 pm you wrote:
> hi
>     all
> >    today,I've download the newst l4 and l4linux,
> >    I compile the fiasco ,and use the given hello program in
> /l4/build/../l4v2/hello to test it
> >    the fiasco work well
> >    then I compile the l4linux,and also the l4linux start
> >    but when use the commd "ifconfig",there is no IP.
> >    I compile l4linux use the given config in
> /arch/l4/configs/x86-native...what's the problem?
> >   anyone help me,thanks!sic 
	x86-native configuration file is ok and it could guarantee the basic system 
could work without network. But if you want to use l4linux network service 
you should install network device driver and network protocol. You check your 
configuration file and make sure the network device driver and network 
protocol first. 
													Cheng Guanghui

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