menu.lst for running flips in L4

Alexander Boettcher boettcher at
Mon Jan 28 09:58:02 CET 2008


if you have a dhcp server in your network, you can
try "module flips-ore -dhcp" to get a dynamic associated IP address.

If you have no dhcp server you have to setup manually a IP address for 
flips-ore, for *example by
"module mini_ifconfig -n eth0 -n 

What these parameters all mean are documented in the mini_ifconfig 
sources, please have a look at it.


Alex B.
Björn Döbel wrote:
> Hi,
> | Ok now, finally I managed to get the MAC address. My question is
> what's the
> | module that I need to add to my menu.lst in order to get the IP
> address? Is
> | it flips or flips-ore?
> depends on whether you want to use FLIPS with builtin drivers or with
> the ORe driver. I recommend running flips-ore along with ORe.
> Bjoern

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