error in writing code for IPC servers & problem with Fiasco-UX

Björn Döbel doebel at
Tue Jan 29 08:16:49 CET 2008

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Lucyantie Mazalan wrote:
| Hi again, thanks for replying.
| | Did you build your package's include directory before building the
| | client dir?
| Yes definitely, I built my include dir first before building the client
| dir. anything else should be wrong?

I don't get your error here. The only thing that's wrong in your tgz is
that you link the client against libaes256.a, but your lib is called

| | It should be "./fiasco -l hello".
| When I try (to run existing module), I get this:
| ------------------------------------------------------------------------
| ----
| root at lucy-ubuntu:/home/fiasco/kernel/fiasco/build-ux# ./fiasco -l
| hiworld
| Fiasco-UX on Linux 2.6.20-15-generic (i686)
| Mapped 64 MB Memory + 0 KB Framebuffer + 0 MB Input Area on FD 3
| Loading Module 0x00100000-0x00109364 [sigma0]
| Loading Module 0x00110000-0x002af000 [roottask]
| Failed to open file: hiworld
| root at lucy-ubuntu:/home/fiasco/kernel/fiasco/build-ux#

That's how it should look like. The error tells you that the hiworld
binary is missing or has inappropriate rights. (Btw.: You're still
building as root...)

You might want to have a look at the scripts in l4/tool/runux - there is
also a config file template which you can adapt for your system. Then
you don't always need to copy around your binaries.

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