menu.lst for running flips in L4

Björn Döbel doebel at
Tue Jan 29 09:21:38 CET 2008


> Is the task required for porting this Ping program is the same thing as
> porting the ifconfig in mini_ifconfig (included in Flips package)? Is there
> any documented tutorial (on porting apps to fiasco) or guide that I can
> starts with? For now, the Hello world program is the nearest practical clue
> that I have.

There is no step-by-step tutorial for porting applications. It's mostly
about knowing what is already there and then modifying the original code
or build system in order to use L4Env calls. However, since there is a
full C library (uclibc) and a POSIX layer implementation (L4VFS)
available, most of the calls used by such applications should easily
work on L4Env. If another library gets involved, you might however be
forced to port this library to L4Env first.


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