how can a l4 task load l4linux?

Ronald Aigner ra3 at
Wed Feb 27 11:18:13 CET 2008

Hi Alex,

in the loader package (l4/pkg/loader) there is a 'run' example 
(l4/pkg/loader/examples/run) which does something like you want. Have a 
look at the laod_app function in main.c.

HTH, Ron.

Alexander Arlt wrote on 02/26/2008 06:52 PM this:
> hi all,
> i try to write a l4 task which can dynamically load / boot
> a l4linux. at the moment i using fiasco ux
> which parses a loader configuration file to boot l4linux.
> the question is, how can i do this at runtime, without such a 
> configuration file.
> it seems so, that this can be done by using some internal l4 loader stuff.
> i looked at the l4 loader reference manual, but its a bit hard to reason 
> how this
> can be realized. maybe a small example would be really nice :)
> can anyone help me?
> thanks,
> alex
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