Error handling for reply in dice

Ronald Aigner ra3 at
Thu Mar 13 18:53:15 CET 2008

Marc Chaland wrote on 03/13/2008 06:32 PM this:
>>From Ronald Aigner:
>> Before calling the reply function you could set the partner member of
>> the CORBA_Server_Environment parameter. This environment is passed to
>> the error function. In the error function you could then check the
>> partner member.
> Is it a good idea to use CORBA_server_exception_set into error_function and
> manage error after reply function call ? Should I call some ipc error cleanup
> after ?
Yes, you could do that. All you have to do when handling the error is
call CORBA_server_exception_free. Check the implementation of these
functions (dice/include/dice.h) to see which members of the
CORBA_Server_Environment are set and cleared (to avoid interference with
other surrounding Dice generated code).

Regards, Ron.
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