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Fri Apr 4 03:42:05 CEST 2008

thanks for the info, at the same time, i also give myself a try to port the codes to be able running on l4.hehe:) one more thing, in order to run tpmemulator on ux, does it really need con-ux server?

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> Am Donnerstag April 3 2008 schrieb ahmad kamal:
> Hi Ahmad,
> > if stpm server able to call tpmemulator, so far as i know it can only call
> > physical TPM chip.
> There is a STPM backend that can talk to a TPM emulator. However, this backend 
> assumes that STPM is running on top Fiasco-UX and talks to the 'tpmd' daemon 
> using sockets. In this case, tpmd runs next to Fiasco-UX on the Linux host 
> kernel.
> We are also porting the TPM emulator such that it can run directly on top of 
> L4, but this is work in progress in a very early stage.
> Regards,
> Carsten

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