where to start.

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hi mathew,

u can try think link,


this pdf also give a good start, though some information is outdated


for a novice l4 hackers like me, i would say, its better to use fiasco-ux, here are the link


and also try to go to this link for a basic tutorial and distance learning lecturers


and don't forget to read the mailing list archive if u've got time

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Pardon me if this is a repeated question.

I recently came across L4 and Fiasco and am interested in studying anddeveloping the same.
(Particularly Fiasco as it's written in C++)

Could you kindly help me by providing me pointers on how to start off.
Specifically, I'm looking for documents which
- describe how to build Fiasco and get it running on my machine.
- how to build and get l4-linux or other custom operating systemsrunning on top of the above.
- the source code organization.

Likewise, what is the current status of Fiasco? 
The latest update I see on the site: http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/fiasco/
is dated 26 September 2005.

Thanks in advance

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