Installing problem with gcc-4.2.3

盛淑蕙 saya.sheng at
Wed May 14 18:43:23 CEST 2008

I have successfully complied grub-0.97 patching with grub-0.97-os.6 on
ubuntu 8.04 (gcc 4.2.3). For compiling without error, please refer to

Error 27 means grub-0.97-os.6 doesn't recognize the command 'quiet' in
menu.lst, so i comment this line and it works


2008/5/14 Adam Lackorzynski <adam at>:
> On Wed May 14, 2008 at 10:08:33 +0800, fei li wrote:
>> Hi, all
>> I have installed l4 on ubuntu8.04 these days,  the compiling process is ok,
>> but  when I finished compiling the packages, i reboot and find that the grub
>> doesn't support. Then i patch the grub-0.97-os.6.diff, there are errors when
>> i use the gcc-4.2.3, then i turn to gcc-4.1.3, and everything is ok, but
>> when i finished the grub installing, i find i can't enter the ubuntu
>> 8.04, it says error 27, don't know the command, something like that. Then i
>> uninstall the patched grub and install the grub from the source, it's ok,
>> but i can't enter the l4, I guess you can have a test, if it's true, I guess
>> we need a os.7 patch for gcc-4.2.3 or something else. That's all!
> What are the compile error with gcc-4.2? I don't see any.
> BTW, there's a os.7 diff now containing a few fixes but non compiler
> related.
> Adam
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