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Thu May 15 09:58:07 CEST 2008

>> 3)And when i stay in the 1-st console (hypervisor itself), my keyboard
>> doesn't respond - is that because of absence of some options of fiasco
>> module in my config file?
> Do you mean that 'run' is running there? Does keyboard input work in
> L4Linux? If it's working there it should also work in run because it's
> the same wrt the keyboard driver.
I use USB-keyboard (my machine has no PS/2 socket).
When i successfully booted into L4Linux first time i couldn't type inside 
of instance (even when i used init=/bin/sh boot option) but i could work 
in run. Then i've added HID devices support into .config and recompiled 
the L4Linux kernel. Now it's working good inside of L4Linux but i can't 
type in 1-st console when application has exited, for example. Probably 
its common symptom for switching between consoles too (RightAlt-F1 or 
RightShift-F1 hasn't turned out from 2-nd opened console).
Is it correctly to suppose that i have still another keyboard driver 
that addresses to my keyboard from L4Linux directly through EHCI/OHCI 

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