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Fri May 16 15:35:11 CEST 2008

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Hi Igor,

'usbhid' *is* available via public svn. I checked it out some minutes
ago (via public svn) and it compiled out of the box. Please use the
latest usbhid from svn and try again.


Alex B.

Igor V. Ruzanov wrote:
|>>> Do you mean that 'run' is running there? Does keyboard input work in
|>>> L4Linux? If it's working there it should also work in run because it's
|>>> the same wrt the keyboard driver.
|>> I use USB-keyboard (my machine has no PS/2 socket).
|>> When i successfully booted into L4Linux first time i couldn't type
|>> of instance (even when i used init=/bin/sh boot option) but i could work
|>> in run. Then i've added HID devices support into .config and recompiled
|>> the L4Linux kernel. Now it's working good inside of L4Linux but i can't
|>> type in 1-st console when application has exited, for example. Probably
|>> its common symptom for switching between consoles too (RightAlt-F1 or
|>> RightShift-F1 hasn't turned out from 2-nd opened console).
|>> Is it correctly to suppose that i have still another keyboard driver
|>> that addresses to my keyboard from L4Linux directly through EHCI/OHCI
|>> subsystem?
|> Yes, if you enable USB support in L4Linux than the USB host controller
|> will be reset and the USB legacy support will not work anymore. What you
|> can do is also start the usbhid server (usbhid package) which implements
|> the USB keyboard/mouse driver. Do not enable USB in L4Linux then.
|> With usbhid the system should also work with USB keyboard and mouse.
| I recently (more precisely, yesterday) knew about your package of usbhid
| server;) But as i know its not available via svn and i tried to get it
| from your server as usbhid-20071107.tar.gz tarball. I couldn't build the
| package because of few compilation errors in
| /usr/src/DROPS/tudos/l4/pkg/usbhid/server/lib-linux/contrib/input/input.c
| such as:

| error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before
| 'this_object_must_be_defined_as_export_objs_in_the_Makefile
| The code causing such errors is
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_register_device);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_unregister_device);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_register_handler);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_unregister_handler);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_register_minor);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_unregister_minor);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_open_device);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_close_device);
| EXPORT_SYMBOL(input_event);
| which maybe explains about that this version of usbhid was developed
| other kernel version. Could you please provide a patch fixing the build
| process under 2.6.24-l4?
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