New list member Mike Jolley

John van V. john.van.v at
Sat May 31 14:36:44 CEST 2008

Hi Mike (and all),

I am writing about L4, its hopeful development path, and how ubiquity
in systems can lead to information democracy.  The goals are naturally
social, but the technology layer is key.

I think you have good ideas and I hope you are able to bring them to
fully working level.  I hope you can be verbose about your research
and can supply all your resources, and perhaps images, for the pubic.

I have two sites that I want use as a vehicles for this research
direction, , which is the culmination of my work
and also my fully independent degree in Information Technology.

While I was in financial technology (1990-2003), I used my time to
develop the Thinman model, which is a purely sharing ubiquitous model
whose sharing is inspired by Perl's CPAN system, where this type of
component module system works at the OS level rather than in userland.

I also have information at the Linux Society blog, which is an
artifact from the very active free systems clubs of the 1990s in NYC.
There I have some writing by Gernot about the need for an OS learning
path in middle schools; something that Abe Maslow would agree with.

I was in technology from 1990 to 2003, when developmental technology
was moved to India.  Since the I have pursued teaching, but now I work
in retail and study social psychology.





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