ORe communication problems

Björn Döbel doebel at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Aug 27 09:05:57 CEST 2008

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>    These days I tried to boot ORe in my machine and start the l4linux at the
> same time, my menu.lst is:
>    title ORe
>    kernel /bootstrap -serial -modaddr 0x2000000
>    module /fiasco -serial_esc -comport 1
>    module /sigma0
>    module /roottask task modname "bmodfs" attached 5 modules
>    module /names
>    module /log
>    module /l4io
>    module /events
>    module /dm_phys  --isa=0x00800000 -v --events
>    module /simple_ts
>    module /rtc
>    module /ore
>    module /mini_http_uip
>    module /con --vbemode 0x11
>    module /loader --fprov=BMODFS l4linux.cfg
>    module /bmodfs
>    module /vmlinuz
>    module /l4linux.cfg
>    module /libloader.s.so
>    module /libld-l4.s.so
>    module /drops-rd.rd
> In qemu I can start the l4linux correctly. I set the ip address and it can
> access the internet, then in another qemu I started a second l4linux, but
> when I finished setting the ip addr, the previous one suspend accidently,
> ore     | L4RM: [PF] read at 0x0000b014, ip 01802401, src C.04
> ore     | [C.0] l4rm/lib/src/pagefault.c:81:__unknown_pf():
> ore     |  unhandled page fault
>     --PANIC, 'g' for exit------------------------------------IP:
> 018267a5
> [ore.rm] (c.00) jdb: t
> maybe this is helpless, but it told me that the l4linux is down, how can I
> start two l4linux with ORe modules installed and they can communicate with
> each other, I added "ORe instances" in the kernel command line, but it is
> helpless. I wish your help and thanks a lot.

Many questions... ;)

* Does this error _always_ occur?

* What do you mean by "it told me that the l4linux is down"?

* Do I understand correctly, that you run the 2 L4Linuxes in 2 different
instances of Qemu? If so, communication between these instances does not
need any special ORe configuration, because this is just like having to
real computers with Linux running in a network and you should be able to
 one machine from the other e.g. by using SSH.

* Can you please post
  * Your L4Linux configuration
  * Your L4Linux loader script (l4linux.cfg)
  * The Qemu command line used to start your setup
  * The _full_ log output

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