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Sean schrieb:
> Dear
> We are currently working on the ukernel design and survey the L4 API
> interface.
> For Fiasco, it is implemented on L4/V2 and L4/X.0 interfaces.

That's only partially true for the latest Fiasco SVN version. We
consider it implementing the L4.Fiasco spec, implementing L4v2 and
several additions that have been inherited from other specs such as x0
or have been incorporated by ourselves.

> If we implement a new u-kernel by ourselves that follows the same L4 API
> interface, will it still support the L4Env and L4Linux which will be put
> above this u-kernel? I think this issue is reasonable.

Since it is an ABI, not an API, when you implement a kernel providing
the same ABI provided by Fiasco, you will be able to run L4Env and
L4Linux on top, yes.

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