Boot Fiasco at ARM on QEMU

Tsai, Tung-Chieh tsaitungchieh at
Tue Oct 14 05:13:42 CEST 2008

Dear Adam,

  Beside, the whole output on running l4linux on qemu are :

$ qemu-system-arm -kernel /path/build/l4/bin/arm_int/bootstrap.image
-M integratorcp -nographic -serial stdio -m 256

L4 Bootstrapper
  Memory size is 256MB
  mod00: 0140d000-0144bb78: fiasco
  mod01: 0144c000-0145c174: sigma0
  mod02: 0145d000-0147e6ac: roottask
  mod03: 0147f000-014911a4: names
  mod04: 01492000-014a32fc: log
  mod05: 014a4000-014c51a4: dm_phys
  mod06: 014c6000-014da2fc: simple_ts
  mod07: 014db000-015061a4: l4io
  mod08: 01507000-015301a4: bmodfs
  mod09: 01531000-0155ff40:
  mod10: 01560000-01574540:
  mod11: 01575000-01577468: shared_test
  mod12: 01578000-017af240: vmlinuz
  mod13: 017b0000-027b0000: rd
  mod14: 027b0000-027b007e: l4linux.cfg
  mod15: 027b1000-027eb1a4: loader
  move modules to 2000000 with offset bf3000
  move module 16 start 27b1000 -> 33a4000
  move module 15 start 27b0000 -> 33a3000
  move module 14 start 17b0000 -> 23a3000
  move module 13 start 1578000 -> 216b000
  move module 12 start 1575000 -> 2168000
  move module 11 start 1560000 -> 2153000
  move module 10 start 1531000 -> 2124000
  move module 9 start 1507000 -> 20fa000
  move module 8 start 14db000 -> 20ce000
  move module 7 start 14c6000 -> 20b9000
  move module 6 start 14a4000 -> 2097000
  move module 5 start 1492000 -> 2085000
  move module 4 start 147f000 -> 2072000
  move module 3 start 145d000 -> 2050000
  move module 2 start 144c000 -> 203f000
  move module 1 start 140d000 -> 2000000
  Scanning fiasco
  Scanning sigma0
  Scanning roottask task modname "bmodfs" module module module module
module module
  Relocated mbi to [0x4f000-0x4f233]
  Loading fiasco
  Loading sigma0
  Loading roottask
  find kernel info page...
  found kernel info page at 0x2000
    [     1000,      19bf] Kern   fiasco
    [     2000,     4efff] Kern   fiasco
    [    4f000,     4f330] Root   Multiboot info
    [    68000,     7335b] Sigma0 sigma0
    [    78000,    13ffff] Root   roottask
    [  1400000,   140cf5b] Boot   bootstrap
    [  2072000,   33de1a3] Root   Modules Memory
  API Version: (87) experimental
  Sigma0 config    ip:00068000 sp:0140cb1c
  Roottask config  ip:00078000 sp:00000000
  Starting kernel fiasco at 00001000
Hello from Startup::stage2
Initialize page table
  allocate zero-filled page... [0xefc01000] done
  free zero-filled page... done
  allocate no-zero-filled page... [0xefc02000] done
  free no-zero-filled page... done
SERIAL ESC: allocated IRQ 1 for serial uart
Not using serial hack in slow timer handler.
Welcome to Fiasco(arm)!
DD-L4(v2)/arm microkernel (C) 1998-2008 TU Dresden
Rev: r394 compiled with gcc 3.4.4 for Integrator    []

  --init-----------------------------------------------------PC: f0003290
(0.00) jdb: g

Calibrating timer loop... done.
SIGMA0: Hello!
  KIP @ 2000
  allocated 4KB for maintenance structures

  Command line found: "roottask task modname "bmodfs" module module
module module module module"

       0kB (   0MB) total RAM (reported by bootloader)
  251332kB ( 246MB) received RAM from Sigma0
   20696kB (  21MB) reserved RAM for RMGR

Roottask: Parsing command line config.
  configured task 0x00 (bmodfs):
    vm_offs:0 irq:3ffff lmcp:ffff allow_cli:0 mcp:ff prio:10 small:ff mods:6

Roottask: Loading 13 modules.
#05: loading "names"
     from [02072000-020841a4] to [00148000-00150cec][00151000-0015b000]
     entry at 00050060 via trampoline page code
#06: loading "log"
     from [02085000-020962fc] to [00160000-00168aec][00169000-001966c0]
     entry at 0005105c via trampoline page code
#07: loading "dm_phys -v"
     from [02097000-020b81a4] to [001a0000-001b7928][001b8000-001c1000]
     entry at 00052064 via trampoline page code
#08: loading "simple_ts -t 10"
     from [020b9000-020cd2fc] to [001f0000-001fb9b4][001fc000-0020a480]
     entry at 00053068 via trampoline page code
#09: loading "l4io"
     from [020ce000-020f91a4] to [02000000-02021ef0][02022000-0203c000]
     entry at 00054060 via trampoline page code
#0a: loading "bmodfs"
     from [020fa000-021231a4] to [00210000-0022fb38][00230000-00247000]
     passing module                        [ 02124000-02152f40 ]
     passing module                         [ 02153000-02167540 ]
     passing module shared_test                           [ 02168000-0216a468 ]
     passing module vmlinuz                               [ 0216b000-023a2240 ]
     passing module rd                                    [ 023a3000-033a3000 ]
     passing module l4linux.cfg                           [ 033a3000-033a307e ]
     entry at 00055104 via trampoline page code
#0b: loading "loader l4linux.cfg"
     from [033a4000-033de1a4] to [002c0000-002ef720][002f0000-0030f000]
     entry at 0005606c via trampoline page code

log     | [6.0] log/server/src/logserver.c:288:main():
log     |  Error: Cannot register at nameserver, falling asleep
log     |
log     |
log     | Exiting with 1

ROOT: task 7.00 at 001a6eb0 is trying to get page 00000000 allocated by task 0

  --double page fault----------------------------------------PC: 00087680
[root.pager] (4.00) jdb:

Best Regards,
Tsai, Tung-Chieh

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