Problems with l4linux

valerius _valerius at
Tue Nov 4 03:32:50 CET 2008

В сообщении от Tuesday 04 November 2008 09:44:43 Adam Lackorzynski написал(а):
> >
> > l4lx    | [F.1] semaphore/lib/src/semaphore.c:339:l4semaphore_thread():
> > l4lx    |  Error: L4semaphore: ignored request from other task (1B.00,
> > I'm F.01
> > l4lx    : )!
> >
> > Linux stops with black screen. :( The run program shows that application
> > with task Id = 0x1b is Linux application (it says, "owner: f.4"). It
> > seems it is X server. I start X server from a drops-fp.rd ramdisk image
> > from TUD site. The problem seems to be that X server runs as another task
> > and Linux accepts only requests from its threads.
> Do you mean drops-rd.rd? There's no X server in there. What did you use?

as I checked this, it's the same as drops-x.rd (comparing two files with cmp 
gives no difference) from DROPS/TUD:OS demo CD (I downloaded it about 1
year ago). 

> The above message would mean that the X server is talking to the
> L4Linux-server which is a no-go except the special X driver is used.

I enabled X server stub in L4Linux configuration (a checkbox "Support for X 
Window System driver" is enabled). And nitovlwm server is started. What could
I miss then?


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