Problem with Building L4Linux-2.6

Adam Lackorzynski adam at
Fri Dec 5 00:09:14 CET 2008

Hi Adam,

On Thu Dec 04, 2008 at 14:34:57 +0800, Adam Chang wrote:
>    I'm trying to build L4Linux ,so I followed the tutorial on this
> website
>    but I have encountered some difficulties.
>    First I got Fiasco, L4Env, L4Linux from SVN, and the following is
> the steps that I tried to build L4Linux:
>    1. make -C l4 O=/my-user-build-dir oldconfig
>    2. make -C l4 O=/my-user-build-dir config
>        unset Compilers and Tools  ---> Build doc directories
>    3. cd l4
>        make O=/my-user-build-dir
>    4. Compile Fiasco
>    5. Go to the l4linux-2.6 directory
>        make menuconfig
>        set L4 tree build directory
>        unset some features like SMP, HPET, highmem, MTRR, MCE,
>    6. make
>        Then the following is a error message
>        ERROR: CONFIG_VM86 must not be enabled.
>      But I check the file in l4linux-2.6 directory ./arch/l4/Kconfig,
> CONFIG_VM86 must be enabled, but the error message said that must be
> enabled, so I was confused.

Why does the Kconfig say it must be enabled? Its just enabled by
default, please disable it. It's in the "Processor type and features"
menu, and should be visible when the EMBEDDED option is on.
If you take one of the default configs this should work atomatically,
e.g. with make x86-native_defconfig.
>      /<my-user-build-dir>/pkg/uclibc++/lib/uclibc++/ARCH-all/include/associative_base:321:
> error: declaration of 'typedef class
> std::_associative_citer<ValueType, Compare, Allocator>
> std::_associative_iter<ValueType, Compare,
> Allocator>::_associative_citer'
>     /<my-user-build-dir>/pkg/uclibc++/lib/uclibc++/ARCH-all/include/associative_base:248:
> error: changes meaning of '_associative_citer' from 'class
> std::_associative_citer<ValueType, Compare, Allocator>'
>     I comment typedef _associative_citer<ValueType, Compare,
> Allocator> _associative_citer; at associative_base:321, and replace
> _associative_citer by _associative_citer<ValueType, Compare,
> Allocator>.
>    I continued building, and there is some message:

Yep, fixed.

Adam                 adam at

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