L4Linux stub drivers & L4 drivers

Adam Lackorzynski adam at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Thu Feb 5 15:55:55 CET 2009


On Thu Feb 05, 2009 at 06:24:21 -0800, Alexander Valitov wrote:
> I’m new to L4Fiasco and L4Linux.
> I’ve managed to build and run L4Linux 2.6.28 using dope (thanks to this mail
> list).
> In the next step I would like to remove as much as possible hardware access
> operations from L4Linux to L4 servers. By splitting L4Linux driver into two
> parts, first one is the L4Linux stub driver which talks to second L4 server
> part which in its turn has a deal with access to hardware. Any form of
> multiplexing/demultiplexing of hardware between several L4Linux instances is
> not required at this stage, only monopolistic access.
> Actually, the ideal solution for me is where L4Linux doesn’t have direct
> access to hardware at all.
> I have some questions to community:
> 1.	Is it generally possible?

Yes, this is one of the premium use cases.

> 2.	What kind of native L4 or DDE drivers are available now? And what about
> corresponding stub drivers for L4Linux?

There's ORe, which is a network stack in software and a corresponding
network driver in L4Linux. There a pseudo serial driver in L4Linux.
There's a block stub but currently without a real L4 driver. Then the
framebuffer driver that talks to l4con and dope. Same for input.

> 3.	How should I configure L4Linux or maybe packages in /trunk/l4/pkg/ to
> remove as much as possible hardware access operations from L4Linux to L4
> servers? Are there any ready-to-use L4Linux "config" files for this purpose?

The UX configuration is without any hardware drivers:
 make x86-ux_defconfig
should give a good start. There isn't any particular configuration you
need to do for the L4 packages.

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