DDE legacy kernel module as library

Michael Roitzsch mroi at os.inf.tu-dresden.de
Wed Feb 18 16:45:00 CET 2009

Hi Andre,

>> The fix (actually it's more of a workaround) is to rename the  
>> static library in the Makefile TARGET from libdriver.a to  
>> libdriver.o.a.
> Ack. Thanks for that hint. Your proposal works like a charm.
> Here is another solution: I wrote a small "hello-world" Linux kernel  
> module with just two functions: init_module() and exit_module().
> I thought that would be enough for demonstration. My fault. The  
> linker needs at least one _real_ reference.

That's true. Even in this single-object-library, the linker needs to  
get the idea that something from it is used. Otherwise, the entire  
library is dropped.

Good that you got it working.


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