Question about ORs stub driver behavior

Alexander Valitov valitov79 at
Wed Mar 4 10:14:24 CET 2009


When ORe stub driver initializes virtual interface in l4x_ore_init_device()
function, It tries to allocate hardware MAC address for all devices EXCEPT
"lo" device:

if (strcmp(devname, "lo"))
	priv->config.ro_keep_device_mac = 1;
	priv->config.ro_keep_device_mac = 0;

Here if devname=="lo" then strcmp() returns 0 and we tries to get virtual
MAC for "lo".
Is it intended behavior?
Why do we need HW MAC for HW NIC and virtual one for "lo"?
How in this case several Linux instances will use the same HW MAC?

Best Regards, Alexander Valitov
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