IPC problem with dice-3.3.0

Marcel Selhorst m.selhorst at sirrix.com
Wed Mar 18 17:10:05 CET 2009

Hi l4-hackers,

I am currently having some issues with dice-3.3:

First of all, the dice-generated code differs in header- and client file,
meaning that the header defines functions with


while the outcoming c-file is


This leads to compile errors due to conflicting declarations...

But as soon as you remove DICE_CV, everything compiles fine.

The second problem I have regards IPC-calls:

I am using the latest otc-snapshot (2008-12-10 with l4linux-2.6.27) and have
written a small IDL-interface as follows:

interface dummy
  void hello(void);

The server (running under L4Linux) registers itself at the names-service as
"dummy" and starts the server_loop... It implements the dummy_hello_component as

dummy_hello_component (CORBA_Object _dice_corba_obj,
                       CORBA_Server_Environment *_dice_corba_env)
	/* do nothing*/

Additionally, I have written 2 clients, one native L4 application and one based
on L4Linux, which implement the client-stub as follows:

static l4_threadid_t threadId;
static CORBA_Environment env;
names_query_name("dummy", &threadId);
LOG_printf("Dummy found with threadId: %x\n",threadId);
dummy_hello_call(&threadId, &env);

The native client (started via bmodfs) receives a pagefault, cause it is trying
to write?! to address 0:
dummytest| Dummy found with threadId: 11a0001
dummytest| L4RM: [PF] write at 0x00000000, ip 02000272, src 11.02
dummytest| [11.0] l4rm/lib/src/pagefault.c:81:__unknown_pf():
dummytest|  unhandled page fault

    --PANIC, 'g' for exit------------------------------------IP: 02005755
[dummy.rm] (11.00) jdb:

And the L4Linux-client crashes with a segfault:

dummy_t[42]: segfault at 2 ip 08048312 sp bf4092ec error 6 in

The strange thing is: If I compile the idl-file with dice-3.2.1, the dummy
example works, BUT as soon as my interfaces get more complex, e.g., something
like this:

int write ([in]  long  start,
           [in]  long  offset,
           [in]  long  bytes_to_write,
           [in,  size_is(write_len), max_is(MAX_PAGE_SIZE)] char  *write_buffer,
           [out] long  *write_len);

IPC crashes with pagefaults / segfaults again even with dice-3.2.1...

My Fiasco-config is attached.

Do you have any ideas where the problem might be?
Do I have to pay attention to specific configuration options, if the IPC-server
is running in an L4Linux?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

Marcel Selhorst
Sirrix AG security technologies - http://www.sirrix.com
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