IPC problem with dice-3.3.0

Marcel Selhorst m.selhorst at sirrix.com
Fri Mar 20 00:58:37 CET 2009

Hi Carsten,

>> This leads to compile errors due to conflicting declarations...
> I attached a patch for DICE. Could you check if it fixes this problem?

yes, thank you, the patch fixed the header problem.

>> The second problem I have regards IPC-calls:
>> > static CORBA_Environment env;
> This is wrong. Please use the DICE_DECLARE_ENV macro to declare and  
> properly initialize the CORBA environment:

thanks again, this solved my pagefault :)

Now the IPCs are working, but I identified another problem, that I am not able
to solve:

I have the following interface:

int register([in, size_is(name_len), max_is(MAX_NAME_LEN)] char  *name,
             [in]                                          long   name_len,
             [in]                                          long   in1,
             [out]                                         long  *out1,
             [out]                                         long   out2

long read   ([in]                                          long   in1,
             [in]                                          long   in2,
             [in]                                          long   bytes_to_read,
             [out, max_is(MAX_PAGE_SIZE)]                  char   read_buffer[]

The server is implemented as an L4Linux-task. I have three clients:

1) Native L4-client

works :)

2) L4Linux application

works aswell

3) L4Linux kernel module

fails... The kernel module registers itself during the __init phase via the
"register" function and this function also works.
But as soon as I try to execute a "read"-call, I get:

    --Unset id on stack (c)----------------------------------IP: 00401e30
[l4lx.cpu0] (10.05) jdb: g
failed CLI: 00000010.00000005

    --Unset id on stack (c)----------------------------------IP: 00401e30
[l4lx.cpu0] (10.05) jdb: g
failed STI: 00000010.00000005

The strange thing is, that the DICE-environmnent is set (otherwise the
names_query_name() and the register()-method would fail). I even tried to put
the env manually on the stack prior calling via:
  result = read(...);
But that didn't help either.

Do you have any idea, what I might be missing? I thought that this might have
something to do with the buffer's memory allocation, I even tried the
"prealloc_client" flag in the idl-file and I manually forced dice to use my own
CORBA_alloc methods using Linux kernels memory allocation:

void *CORBA_alloc(unsigned long size)
    return vmalloc(size);

void CORBA_free(void *addr)

> Btw.: With which flags do you call gcc (we are talking about C here,  
> right?) and which compiler version are you using?

gcc-params: -nostdlib -nostdinc -Wall -Werror -DL4API_l4v2 -I [alotofincludes]
dice-params: -fforce-corba-alloc -fforce-c-bindings -nostdinc -P-DL4API_l4v2
-P-I/include [...] and some more includes

Thanks again,
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