L4linux Installation Problem(Double Page Fault)

Sid Yu geutivs at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 10:04:29 CET 2009

> Looking closer, please start vmlinuz instead of vmlinux.

Thank you very much, Adam. I have overcome the previous double page fault
problems after replacing "vmliux" with "vmlinuz". However, I got new ones.

l4lx | Starting L4FB via DOpE
l4lx | DOpE is not registerd at names!
l4lx | DOpE no available!
l4lx | Starting L4FB via CON
l4lx | CON not availble!
l4lx | l4lx_irq_dev_startup_hw: Starting IRQ thread for IRQ 15
l4lx | l4lx_thread_create: Created thread 0d.07(IRQ15)
l4lx | l4lx_irq_dev_startup_hw: Starting IRQ thread for IRQ 5
l4lx | l4lx_thread_create: Created thread 0d.08(IRQ16)

the console just pends here, making no progress. It complains L4FB couldn't
find DOpe or CON. Are these graphic system required? I have seen some
materials saying it's also ok using a (virtual) serial console. 

So I have changed my configuration files to add CON support for it. The bold
highlights changes with respect to previous one.

Grub Config:
title L4Linux (Fiasco/L4Env/L4Linux)
	kernel (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/bootstrap -modaddr=0x02000000
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/main -nokdb -serial_esc
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/sigma0
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/roottask task modname "loader" boot_priority
0xA0 allow_cli task modname "bmodfs" attached 6 modules
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/names
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/log
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/dm_phys --isa=0x00800000
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/simple_ts -t 300
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/rtc
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/l4io
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/con
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/bmodfs
		module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/cfg/l4linux26.cfg
		module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/libloader.s.so
		module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/libld-l4.s.so
		module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/vmlinuz
		module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/drops-rd.rd
		module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/run
	module (hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/loader --fprov=BMODFS run l4linux26.cfg
        vbeset 0x117

sleep 1
task "vmlinuz" "mem=64M load_ramdisk=1 ramdisk_size=16384 root=/dev/ram
	priority 0xA0

However, the result is as following:

con | Character size is 8x14, font has 256 characters
con | [B.2] l4con/server/src/ARCH-x86/gmode-arch.c:141:init_gmode():
con | Did not find VBE info block in multiboot
con | GRUB has to set the video mode with the vbeset command.
con | 
con | Alternatively, try passing the --vbemode=<mode> switch.
con |

--PANIC,'g' for exit-------------------------------------------IP:00b08627
[con.main](b.02) jdb:

While I have specified the vbeset command in Grub, the error still occurs.
The only explanation is that my Grub doesn't recognize this command. I'm
just using my original Fedora 10 Grub(version 0.97) and didn't do any of
your grub patches. That's reason that I'm using "kernel
(hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/bootstrap -modaddr=0x02000000", instead of a separate
"modaddr 0x02000000" line. So this time again I just tried to using module
(hd0,0)/boot/l4linux/con --vbemode=0x117" as the console prompted, but it
doesn't work and things seem to become worse. The console loops to
print:"ROOT: Sending ports 10f1-10f4 to task #0b", never stops.

So do I need to patch your grub patches(Download Grub 0.97 source, patches
your diff provided in http://os.inf.tu-dresden.de/~adam/grub/, compile and
reinstall my Grub?) or is there another way to do it using my original grub
just like "modaddr" did? 

Thank you very much.
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