Grub Question + some other information needed

mcs082803 at mcs082803 at
Mon Mar 23 17:11:34 CET 2009

Hi List

I know that a grub different from the standard is used. I downloaded the
grub on Adam's site but have no idea how to get that diff file to work.
There is a ReadMe called as grub-0.97-os.3.README that gives some info but
I don't just get the fact that it is to boot from network.

I am just booting from the hard disk using standard grub (with -modaddr
option used with bootstrap), but now I need to use the vbeset command (and
maybe others in future), so I really need that grub.

 I have done these

 $ wget
 $ wget
 $ tar xzf grub-0.97.tar.gz
 $ cd grub-0.97
 $ zcat ../grub-0.97-os.7.diff.gz | patch -p0

so what i do next? just install this grub (using install) or something
else? because the next steps in readme seem like specific for diskless
booting from some network.

and what version of adam's grub should I download (i used the
grub-0.97-os.7.diff.gz because it seemed latest).

some other things (unrelated to above) -- can i make programs that could
write output to some file on hard disk. Is somewhere a reference manual
that gives info about what datatypes and functions can i use in a general
program i write, e.g. to do something equivalent of scanf,malloc,etc.


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