Problem with L4Linux ORe stub driver

Alexander Valitov valitov79 at
Tue Mar 24 13:07:13 CET 2009

Hi Bjoern,

> is this still present or were you able to fix/workaround this?

Haven't tried to investigate the issue yet. Hardly have any free time.
I only tried two different models of e1000 cards on two different
Results were the same: arping works fine, ORe+Linux hangs up after message:

 eth0: interface up.

My QEMU 0.9.1 doesn't support e1000 NIC. 
Looks like e1000 is supported only by some unofficial QEMU patch.
So I didnt' try to reproduce it under QEMU.
I started to use BroadCom hardware. That's my workaround :).

Regards, Alexander Valitov
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