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Mon Mar 30 13:11:05 CEST 2009

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Alexander Valitov wrote:
> Hi,
> I've got some questions about FLIPS functionality.
> 1. Does flips contain internal routing mechanism? Can I get access to
> routing tables through NET_LINK socket interface?
> 2. Does flips contain netfilter or something like this? If yes, can I get
> access to it?
Most of the functionality is disabled (see autoconf.h of dde and of
flips). AFAIK, nobody ever used or tried it. Theoretically it should be
possible to get it working.
> 3. What about SNAT/IPmasquerading? Is it supported in some way?
Unknown. Never tried by us.
> 4. Does flips support IPsec? Maybe another L4 package could provide such a
> support? AFAIK there was "Viaduct" and "nethub" projects. Seems that nethub
> is discontinued. I believe there should be some results. Does someone keep
> working in this direction?
No one from our group is working on that nor maintained it.

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