Urgent help needed to port some drivers on Fiasco L4 µ-Kernel

tapas kundu tapaskundu1 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 11:14:56 CEST 2009

              We are students of IIT Delhi. We are working on a project
based on Fiasco L4 microkernel. We need to buid servers on L4 for ext2
filesystem support and usb web cam support. Could you please clear following
doubts :
              1) Does "fiasco l4 microkernel/ l4 env" provide support for
ext2 filesystem or usb webcam ?
              2) Does "fiasco l4 microkernel/ l4 env" provides Device Driver
API library so that we can build driver for it ?
              3) Do we need to build both usb driver and webcam driver in
"fiasco l4 microkernel/ l4 env" to provide support for usb webcam ?
              4) Does "fiasco l4 microkernel/ l4 env" provides l4 io driver
for SATA or IDE harddisk ? Can we use that to build our ext2 filesystem
support for it?

Thansks & Regards
Tapas Kumar Kundu
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