Urgent help needed>> please tell us what menu.lst do we need for usbhid application

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I have gone through above url and found following information about DDE . I
have found
in /user-build/lib/x86_586/l4v2 directory after building all the modules.
But I have not found libdde_linux26_usb in any directory. I need to work on
usb webcam driver. I have used svn version 446. and run following commands
to build:

./repomgr co all
make O=/home/tapas/user-build

Please let us know where can I found libdde_linux26_usb library. It will
help me a lot to build driver for usb webcam. I dont want to port linux usb
driver in L4. I want to port/build a linux usb webcam driver only. Please
suggest me what to do.

Thanks & regards
Tapas Kumar kundu

"DDE/Linux2.6 is an environment for Linux 2.6 device drivers on L4.
Basically, it is a set of libraries implementing interfaces to certain
subsystems of the Linux kernel, so that the programmer may chose which parts
of the kernel are needed for reusing a special device driver (e.g., network
drivers don't need block layer functionality). Currently, the following
subsystems are available:

   * Core (libdde_linux26) provides functions that are essential to (nearly)
all drivers. This includes for instance memory management, I/O resource
management, workqueues, softirqs, and timers.
   * Net (libdde_linux26_net) provides network-related functions such as
management of socket buffers.
   * Block (libdde_linux26_block) provides functions related to the Linux
block layer such as a file system buffer abstraction, I/O schedulers, block
I/O descriptors (BIOs).
   * USB (libdde_linux26_usb) implements USB-related functions which enable
drivers to use the Linux USB core as well as USB host controllers. This is
work in progress.
   * Sound (libdde_linux26_sound) includes the Linux sound core which is the
base for implementing sound subsystems such as OSS and Alsa. This is work in

Work USB and Sound support libraries is ongoing. "

2009/4/5 Björn Döbel <doebel at os.inf.tu-dresden.de>:
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> Hello,
> again, there is no need to double post.
>>              We are student of IIT Delhi. We are trying to build a usb
>> webcam application and ext2 file system driver on L4.  We have seen an
>> *application
>> USBHID directory* under L4/pkg downloaded from svn . Could anybody let us
>> know how to use this application. Please also let us know the required
>> menu.lst file to use this application .
>>              1) Please also describe required menu.lst file to use dde,
>> dde_linux26, dope, drop,loader together .
> You may find our Wiki at http://wiki.tudos.org/Main_Page a useful
> resource for some initial reading.
>>              2) Could any body tell us what is the difference between dde
>> and dde_linux26 application found in svn ?
> dde_linux26 (combined with linux-26-headers) is the older version which
> is deprecated by the re-implementation found in the dde package.
> However, the L4IDE disk driver you might be interested in, relies on
> this old version.
>>              3) Please also tell us how to use these to build an usb
>> driver.
> Depending on what you are trying to learn, you can either
> 1) build a Linux USB driver, link it against the DDE/Linux libraries and
> run it on L4, or
> 2) build a L4Env device driver based on DDEKit (l4/pkg/dde/ddekit). The
> interface is slightly different, but if you know how to do things in
> Linux, you'll quickly find that it is basically the same way using DDEKit.
> Cheers,
> Bjoern
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