Can anybody tell me how to build l4ata module found in TUDOS DEMO CD

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Thu Apr 9 15:33:39 CEST 2009

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> In TUDOS DEMO CD , we have seen a tutorial about DSweeper.
> It demonstrates how to destroy all data in a particular hard disk
> partition. But I have no got any source code with the CD downloaded
> from
> Then I have downloaded from svn repository by
> $ svn co -N tudos
> $ cd tudos
> $ ./repomgr co all
> I have got all the modules and build them using
> cd l4
> make O=/build_directory
> But   I have not found some modules like bddf, l4ata, backdrop,
> dsweeper in "build_directory" or "l4/packages" directory. Among these
> packages, I think l4ata is
> in /tudos/l4/pkg/dde/fbsd/lib . But I cant build l4ata by running make
> in that directory.

True, BDDF and dsweeper are not in our public SVN.

l4ata and backdrop are. Please get yourself acquainted with tools such
as find(1) and grep(1), they will help you exploring the SVN tree.

> I have seen that it is possible to write in a partition in following
> DSweeper tutorial:
> But I am not finding any API refrenece or source code of example to do it.
> I want to read/write using l4 in any filesystem.

Kind of hard. BDDF, dsweeper and l4ata were demos that were built on top
of L4 three years ago and are not actively developed anymore (which is
why parts of them don't appear in our public SVN).

You can use L4ATA's code as a source of information if you want to find
out how to incorporate an existing disk driver into L4. If you then have
more specific questions on what to do, feel free to ask.

Unfortunately we don't have the capacity to provide you with a fully
working file system implementation immediately.

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