please help ..The New DDE_USB is giving compilation errors...

Dirk Vogt dvogt at
Sat Apr 11 10:23:41 CEST 2009


> Hi,
>      Could you please tell us how can I easily port a linux usb webcam
> driver . Please know that I am a beginner . Please explain procedure
> to me..

When you have a look at the Makefile in examples/usbcam/src/, you'll see
that, there are variables which contain the source files that should be
compiled.  There are several of this variables containing the files for
different webcams driver. For excample, GSPCA_SRC_C, CPIA_SRC_C.
So a way to do it would be to identify the source files needed for your
webcam, add those source files to a new variable
MY_NEW_PRETTY_CAMDRIVER_SRC_C and finally add this variable to SRC_C.

Likely there will be undefined references after this procedure, so you
somehow have to resolve those errors. Either this can be done by
including more source files that include those symbols or by
reimplementing them.  A good place for the last way could be support.c.

Good luck, 

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