please help ..The New DDE_USB is giving compilation errors...

tapas kundu tapaskundu1 at
Fri Apr 17 17:49:48 CEST 2009

Hi Dirk,
           I want to thank you again for helping a lot. We have added
a driver for sn9c102 webcams. I have tested this with my "Genius
Videocam Messenger" webcam. We will provide the patches after
completing our project. At present I am working to  develop a better
webcam viewer application and trying to store webcam video on hard

           It would be great if you could provide us following information :

          1) How can I write a better webcam viewer application. I
have seen your v4l2 and v4l1 viwer codes. But at present I dont know
how to develop a better webcam viewer application. Could you please
tell me what exactly "ioctl" function does in your webcam viewer
application? I have seen that you have called this function
recursively inside "ioctl" function in usbcam.c .
          2) I am searching for a L4 IDE driver so that I can store
video from webcam in my file system. But l4ide that I have downloaded
from svn (svn version 447) has some build issues. I have tried to
build that many times .But I have failed to build. I have described
the problem here :

          Is there any way to build l4ide or l4ata successfully?  If I
get a driver to write in harddisk then it will make my life easier to
develop filesystem support. Please help me .


On Fri, Apr 17, 2009 at 3:25 PM, Dirk Vogt <dvogt at> wrote:
> Hi Tapas,
> >           I have succefully added new usb webcam driver support in my
> > project. Thanks for helping.
> Thats great. I'm glad to hear that. It would be cool if you could
> provide your patches to usbcam, so we also have support for this type of
> webcams. :o)
> Ciao, Dirk

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