USB mouse error

Christian Helmuth christian.helmuth at
Wed Apr 29 10:16:58 CEST 2009


IMO you're mixing not compatible components. l4/pkg/usbhid is the
_old_ USB HID driver, which includes the USB host controller and core
code. l4/pkg/usb is the new framework for USB, where the core and HCD
are in l4/pkg/usb/server and the HID drivers in
l4/pkg/usb/examples/usbhid. The resulting binaries are "usbcore" and
"usbhid" <- Yes, there's a name clash... ;)

If you intend to use the new driver (what I recommend) remove
l4/pkg/usbhid from your tree or put an empty file "obsolete" into the
directory, which prevents compilation of the package.

Christian Helmuth
Genode Labs ·

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