USB mouse error

Dirk Vogt dvogt at
Wed Apr 29 16:03:10 CEST 2009

Hi neohtm,

> the usbcore disconnect the usb mouse when loading the l4linux. is it
> that i had did the wrong setup when compiling the l4linux?

It seems like you have compiled L4Linux with native USB support. So L4
Linux tries to use the real HC hardware, and like that causes a reset of
the host-controller. 
   Actually L4IO should not allow L4Linux to access hw-ressources L4IO
allready has given away.  It seems this is not the case here, maybe
because your linux is running on a higher privilege level caused by an
'allow_cli' in your L4Linux loader configuration.
   For now i suggest to compile L4Linux without USB support. A virtual
host-controller driver for L4linux that uses usbcore is on the way.

Ciao, Dirk

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