The implementation of CPU reservation server

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Sun May 31 19:57:46 CEST 2009


Now I am tracing the source code of cpu reservation server in
l4/pkg/cpu_reserve directory. And I got several questions...

1. The bottom of cpu reservation server is implemented by
l4_rt_add_timeslice(), l4_rt_set_period(), l4_rt_begin_strictly_periodic()
functions. And these functions are defined in
which calls l4_rt_generic() function.

Function l4_rt_generic() is implemented by inline assembly, and it seems to
call the system call "thread_schedule".
     Because these functions only appears in ARCH-x86 directory, do they
support on ARM architecture?
     If not, how can I implement similar behaviors of these functions?
     Where can I find the document about the L4 system call API ? I can't
really understand the behavior of these functions.

2. When system contains three user threads, I want to control Fiasco
scheduler not to schedule one thread in these three threads during one time
interval. How can I implement it?
    The simplest way seems to control this thread into un-running state. How
can I achieve this by a supervisal server?

I'm sorry for my poor English and lengthy question.
I'm glad if you give me some hints or corrections.

Thanks a lot!

Best Regards,
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