[ANNOUNCE] Introducing Codezero

Bahadir Balban bahadir at l4dev.org
Thu Jun 11 13:37:48 CEST 2009

Hi Everyone,

I would like to announce my ongoing work on a new L4 microkernel called 
Codezero. Codezero is a modern L4 microkernel implementation written in 
C. It targets embedded platforms, supports the ARM architecture, and 
aims to implement both virtualization and native OS components in one 

Codezero has a design and API that is similar to existing L4 
microkernels such as Pistachio.

The software currently comes with two services: First one is the default 
pager called MM0 that provides memory management capabilities with a 
POSIX-like API. It supports proper demand paging and implements calls 
such as fork, clone, execve, exit, mmap, shm.

The second service is called FS0 and it implements the virtual 
filesystem layer. This service supports calls such as open, close, read, 
write, lseek, stat, fsync, etc.

The software comes with a GPLv3 license, and a copyright share agreement 
option for contributions. The source code base is fairly clean and easy 
to play with. I encourage anybody interested in development to join.

For more details:



Bahadir Balban

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