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The Microsoft Research (MSR) Redmond OS group is looking for an RSDE.
We're looking for someone who can code like the wind and is interesting
in gaining great breadth of experience.  I think no other group in
Microsoft offers an equivalent opportunity to write OS, compiler, and
tools code.  As an example, one of the RSDEs in my group implemented
ACPI for Singularity, most of an ARM JIT for the CLR, and a file system
in the last two years.  We're favorable toward candidates who want to do
a tour of duty in MSR before jumping back to product, or want to build
their experience and publication record before going to a top-five
school for graduate work.

If you know of anyone who would be interested, please ask them to
contact me.

Here is the job description:

The Microsoft Research Operating Systems Group is looking for an
exceptionally strong engineer (RSDE) to join our team.  We are a
tight-knit, world-leading research team with the charter of prototyping
new OS-related advances and working closely with product teams on tech
transfer.  Our team frequently publishes in top conferences such as
SOSP, OSDI, PLDI, and POPL.  Three of 23 papers in SOSP 2009 were
co-authored by members of our group.  In the recent past, we built the
Singularity OS, prototyped a file system for Phase Change Memory (PCM),
published the first research on verification of practical garbage
collectors, and experimented with new OS configurations for mobile

We are looking for a candidate with exceptionally strong coding skills
and a passion to change the world.  The ideal candidate will have a B.S.
or higher in computer science or a closely related field and at least 3
years of experience either building product quality code or coding in a
research environment.  Experience with C, C++, and assembly is required.
 Experience writing kernel-level OS code or compilers is not strictly
required, but highly desirable.  While not strictly a requirement,
preference will be given to candidates who can produce 1,000 lines of
code or more per week when building prototypes.  Interest and eagerness
to work in a wide range of systems projects each year is highly desired.
 Internal candidates should have a high ratio of exceeded ratings on
their annual reviews.


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