problem with l4linux

fang zhengshu fangzhsh07 at
Sun Jul 19 16:17:31 CEST 2009

I'm sorry to trouble you,but I have a question with X server when start
l4linux on dope.
I have search a mail which you have sent:

Yes, I know that this setup is not easy. For overlay_wm driver to work
it is necessary to apply
patches to X Server sources, as I read. But I thought it must work
with linux server with ordinary
l4con/dope frambuffer driver. So, it won't, ok. -- When I checked on
real machine (not with ramdisk),
l4linux started and XServer starts OK.

I can start l4linux on dope and con,and also on serial console.The below is
what I use in l4linux.cfg:

task "vmlinuz" "earlyprintk=yes mem=64M video=l4fb root=/dev/hda9 "
could you please tell me what I missing?
thank you.
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