Howto implement a periodic real-time task?

Sergio Ruocco ruocco at
Tue Jul 21 14:43:39 CEST 2009

Andre Puschmann wrote:
> Any comment/suggestions/ideas about that? Any other experience with
> periodic real-time tasks on L4?

Hi Andre,

maybe they do not contain a plug-in solution to your problems, but I
wrote a couple of papers on real-time scheduling on top of L4
microkernels which could be useful as a starting point:

Please note that the journal paper discusses real-time scheduling on
general-purpouse L4 microkernels, specifically L4 Pistachio v0.4, and a
*now*-*obsolete* version of L4-embedded. The recent OKL4 v3.0 addressed
all the real-time scheduling issues discussed in the paper.

Comments and criticism on the papers are welcome!



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