Howto implement a periodic real-time task?

Andre Puschmann andre.puschmann at
Tue Jul 21 18:40:32 CEST 2009

Hi Sergio,

Sergio Ruocco wrote:
> Please note that the journal paper discusses real-time scheduling on
> general-purpouse L4 microkernels, specifically L4 Pistachio v0.4, and a
> *now*-*obsolete* version of L4-embedded. The recent OKL4 v3.0 addressed
> all the real-time scheduling issues discussed in the paper.
> Comments and criticism on the papers are welcome!
I've read "Real-Time Programming and L4 Microkernels" and found it a 
very good
introduction into that topic. It really helped me lot.
The latter one seems to be am extended version of that paper, right?
Anyway, thanks for the links.

Best regards,

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